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Patio Covers

Patio cover installations are becoming increasingly popular in the Las Vegas area. They offer an affordable alternative to upgrading your home and they will increase the value of your property. Patio covers are also a common way of adding livable space to your home where you can enjoy the weather and relax. Patio covers are also easy to maintain and they are durable even in extreme weather.


Similar to a gazebo, pergolas allow you to expand your indoor living space to the outdoors. Installing a pergola is a great way to add more decorative appeal to your home while also creating an outdoor space where you can escape the sun. The options we offer are virtually limitless when it comes to customizing the appearance of your pergola. Pergolas are affordable to install, they add more definition to any outdoor area, and they protect your plants by shielding them from the sun.

Car Parks

Need a shady area to park your car? We can help you out with that! When it’s excruciatingly hot outside, your car can be vulnerable to the conditions. We can build a shaded structure that will prevent extreme weather from wreaking havoc on your vehicles. Building and installing a car park is relatively affordable and it will offer you a great deal of protection. Car parks can also go a long way in reducing your insurance rates.

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Patio Covers Las Vegas is a reliable provider of patio and pergola installations in southern Nevada. We always prioritize the needs of our clients and we do everything we can to bring you the outdoor patio of your dreams. We offer a wide range of design options and we use high-grade materials for every patio cover and pergola that we build. Our prices are ultra-competitive and we only install patio covers that are durable and long-lasting.

Our company has been in business for many years and we build patio covers on residential and commercial properties. The Las Vegas heat can be overwhelming at times, so we understand how crucial it is for our clients to be able to cool off and escape the sun.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Where is the best spot in my yard for a pergola?

    You can install a pergola virtually anywhere in your yard, but we recommend you install it in an outdoor dining area. Other areas where you would commonly find a pergola include the side of a pool, next to an outdoor fireplace, or over a hot tub.

    Patio Covers

    What materials are used for building patio covers?

    There are a wide variety of materials used in patio covers, but the most common options are wood and aluminum. Some alternative materials include fiberglass and plastic. The material that you use will ultimately depend on what you want for your home. We recommend that you consult one of our technicians before making a decision.

    Car Parks

    Does parking in shade make a difference?

    It 100% makes a difference. Ultraviolet rays will beat down on your car and literally melt the plastic components inside of it. Your vehicle’s finish and engine are also vulnerable to the effects of sun exposure. It can cause the paint to fade and chip, and in high temperatures, your engine can fail.

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